Our take on Roger Goodell’s suspension on Tom Brady:

– Christian Fuentes (Sport Journalist for Metro PR)

One man had his 10-game suspension reduced to four as punishment for domestic violence. Another man was suspended four games and the NFL has made a bit of a hubbub to reduce as punishment for “probably” knowing about deflated footballs with no concrete evidence. What’s wrong with this picture? Commissioner Roger Goodell has now become the poster child for shaky disciplinary actions in professional sports. The decision on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is expected to be announced this week (that’s what they said last week) and the fate of the defending Super Bowl champion’s season hangs on this ruling. What puzzles fans and this writer is how can they outrage over pretty much “hearsay” evidence on something as meaningless as under inflated footballs, yet act less swiftly on Greg Hardy’s suspension. The Tom Brady thing wasn’t even clear. No, “probably knowing” shouldn’t be enough. This is not just any other player we’re talking about. This is Tom Brady, “The Golden Boy”. The guy has never had off-the-field trouble and he’s brought good to the NFL. Spygate is one thing and that’s on Bill Belichick, but “probably knowing” about deflated footballs isn’t worth this entire ruckus. I’m not saying to ignore situations of cheating or that compromise the integrity of the game. I’m just pointing out that it seems the NFL gave more thought and mind to the findings of a guy who had nothing on a trivial issue, rather than, you know, the life of a woman. The league, at least, has acted accordingly to Ray Rice, Ray McDonald, and Hardy. However, it boggles the mind just how much of a big deal they’ve made about Brady. It almost feels like they were out to get him (not that they really are…right?). Personally, I don’t think Brady should serve any games over this situation. Whether he serves this suspension or not, one thing is for sure: A fire is lit in Tom Brady and I wouldn’t want to be the 16 opposing defenses he faces this year. Oh yeah, and the Colts (the team that originally complained about the balls in the AFC Championship Game) face Brady in week 6.

– Darío Vázquez

Not many times do we see a professional sports league engage in a dispute with its “Favorite Son”. If we also add the fact that this whole ordeal is based on a “probable cause”, it makes a lot of us scratch our heads. Tom Brady was suspended four games by the NFL for the whole Deflategate drama and we are awaiting the decision of the appeal to learn what the final punishment will be. Is the pressure on Brady or on Roger Goodell? Given the history of shaky and controversial punishments handed by Goodell recently, we can agree the pressure is on him. Tom Brady is going down as one of the greatest players of all time, a Hall Of Famer and perfect example of how an underdog can achieve the highest form of success. On the other hand, Mr. Goodell has not only his legacy, but also his integrity on the line for suspending a player who might have known about deflated footballs the same amount of games as someone who committed domestic violence. Sure, Goodell has a job of keeping the integrity of the game and cheaters must be punished but there are things greater than the game like domestic and child abuse. If Goodell is trying to use the Brady situation as an example that he won’t tolerate any type of tampering within the game, why hasn’t he tried to do the same with the often recurring off game antics? He has shown no consistency whatsoever handling the wave of recent violence issues the league has faced. It seems like he is trying to use Brady to prove he has a no tolerance attitude while continuing to be shaky on his more controversial issues. He is not fooling anyone like this; we all know the Deflategate talk should have ended weeks ago. Should Brady be suspended four games while players like Ray McDonald are cleared from domestic violence? I’m sure many agree that it should be the other way around to say the least. One thing’s for sure, Brady will continue to add to his legacy regardless of his suspension (watch out NFL, he is coming) while Goodell continues to diminish his.