Christian Fuentes (Sports Journalist for Metro Puerto Rico)

The day has finally arrived! Super Bowl Sunday. The game itself has plenty of fanfare and “pomp and circumstance” to it, but it doesn’t seem as dramatic as years past. Most of that has to do with the fact that the Carolina Panthers are heavily favored over the Denver Broncos in this game. Personally, I’ve never seen such a prohibitive favorite in a Super Bowl. Of course, there have been such favorites in NFL history (Example: The 1985 Chicago Bears). Rightfully so, they’ve been this good all year long and should be the favorites.

What I expect: Cam Newton to be Cam Newton. This guy has turned himself into THE guy in the NFL. He is one win away from really pushing his stardom into superstardom. What’s even scarier is that he is NOT fazed by the limelight that the Super Bowl brings. He’s been in this championship moment before, when he was in Auburn in 2011. I fully expect him to just take over and let the defense do their work. My thought is that it will be close throughout. Then late in the contest, Newton will find a way to score and make it a double digit lead and win. Newton gets a lot of grief for celebrating in games. If he wins this one, he’ll have all the more reason to celebrate.

What I want: For Peyton Manning to win. Yes, I yield my objectivity for a moment and admit that I would love a storybook ending for that man, who has represented the NFL with class, integrity, and humility. Not to mention with great ability. Win or lose, I think he should retire, which makes him winning this game a terrific exclamation point. He’s gotten the bad rap for not winning the big game and rightfully so. He’s 1-2 in the Super Bowl, including the 43-8 whooping by the Seattle Seahawks two years ago. I also want a close game. Ah, nothing like the 4th quarter nail-biter. That would be fun. It’d be a little deflating seeing another 43-8 on either side. And, of course, cool commercials.

What to watch for: Random stuff happening. What are the odds that…there’s an opening snap safety like two years ago? That the coin doesn’t flip? That Brock Osweiler comes into the game? That Rihanna or Beyoncé has a wardrobe malfunction while performing with Coldplay at the halftime show? (fingers crossed) That there’s an opening kickoff return for a touchdown? That no touchdowns are scored? That a guy who never scored a TD all year long scores one in the Super Bowl? …I could go all night here.

– Darío Vázquez

America’s favorite Sunday is finally here and there is a performance for just about everybody! Wheter you are a fan of football, pop music or TV commercials, you are in for a show. The Carolina Panthers are the clear cut favorite to win the big game and rightfully so. They have been the best team all year are yet to show signs of slowing down. On the other side of the field the Denver Broncos look to pull an upset on consecutive games. Not many people are giving them a chance (myself included) but when you have the best defense in the league and one of the best QB of all time, you can accomplish those type of things.

What to expect: Carolina has the best player in the league and MVP Cam Newton. While the Broncos were able to rush the far less movable Brady on the Championship Game, they are gonna have to rethink their strategy against who could end up being the best rushing QB of all time. Cam will impose his pace and lead this game wire to wire. Denver will work out a plan to contain the powerful Carolina offense as they did with the Patriots and hang in the game for the most part but it won’t be enough against a way more complete and versatile offense.

What I Want: A storybook ending to one of the greatest careers in all of sports. Peyton Manning can retire a Super Bowl champion and end his illustrious career with a 2-2 record on the biggest stage. While we might not see the Peyton from 5-6 years ago we can only hope for a solid performance that is enough to give his team a win. Hopefully this is not a repeat of the last Broncos Super Bowl performance and we have a game to play for in the 4th quarter.

What to expect: A gratifying performance on the field by both teams. A matchup between two number one seeds and two number one drafted QBs. Even though one of them is on the rise and the other is on his way out, both are talented enough to perform at high stakes. This is Super Bowl 50 and we all expect great commercials, a great halftime show and hopefully a game for the ages!