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photo (2) Darío Vázquez, resident expert

Two of the greatest words in sports are “Game Seven” and it’s time for the final showdown of the season. History is on the line as the Cleveland Cavaliers try to become the first team in NBA history to come back from a 3-1 deficit. The Golden State Warriors look to cap a record breaking season with a championship at home.

There is no more analysis, no more adjustments, no more what ifs. Both teams know each other and their strategies pretty well and it’s just a matter of who can perform on the biggest stage. It’s a given that both superstars will show up. Stephen Curry and LeBron James are too great to disappear on a game like this. It’s their supporting cast who will determine the outcome.

If one thing is for sure is that the fans are in for a great game and possibly one of the greatest game 7 in league history. All we can ask is for both teams to perform at the top of their game and hope for a nail biter down the stretch. Who wins? I don’t know. Nobody can surely predict or bet their money on an literally evenly matched series (Both teams have scored 610 points so far). I, personally, can’t wait for the tonight!


13321787_10156856226920417_7100289238494286997_n Christian Fuentes, sports journalist for Metro Puerto Rico

Cut to the chase. No more X’s and O’s. No tactics. No moves; just will, guts, determination, and desire. This Game 7 of the NBA Finals will be en endurance test. Whichever team has more of the previously mentioned will be the 2016 NBA champions.

My prediction is: I have no prediction. This is the toughest Game 7 I’ve tried to tackle. You can’t be confident either way. You don’t know which version of the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to show up. In many of the Game 7s, one would always have an idea of which team will win. In the more recent ones (at least, this century) you knew the Spurs would protect home court in 2005 and you knew the Celtics were overmatched by the Lakers in 2010. And last, you knew that after that amazing game tying shot by Ray Allen, the Miami Heat would just take it to the Spurs in 2013.

There is no distinct advantage for either team, to be honest. The ONLY thing that swings the pendulum, even just a bit, is the fact that the game is at Oracle Arena. In NBA history, the home team is 15-3 in Game 7 of the Finals. THREE. The last road team to win it was the 1978 Seattle SuperSonics (holy damn, it felt good to write that name). The only other two were the 1974 and 1969 Boston Celtics (Bill Russell’s last game). It’s tough to put a finger on this Game 7, when the two recognized as the two best players in the game (Stephen Curry and LeBron James) have had big games and no-shows, as well. That advantage, at least for this game, belongs to LeBron James, who is coming off back to back 41-point games and has performed as great as he ever has in his career. I think it’d be tough to say that the top guys from each team will not show up. Stakes are too high.

It’ll be a good game to enjoy. The hype and everything at stake will be enough to keep fans emotions at an all-time high. With that, the NBA season will come to its close. Side note: Can we go back to playing every other day? Good God, these Finals have felt never-ending. Too much time between games.