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13321787_10156856226920417_7100289238494286997_n Christian Fuentes, sports journalist for Metro Puerto Rico

The question itself is rather insulting. Beyond a doubt, this is the sparkling achievement in the career of LeBron James. Cleveland is no longer the Mistake By the Lake and they celebrate their first championship in major sports since 1964. This dwarfs anything he did in Miami by a lot. It will also add to his already solid resumé.

Those who know me best know that I am a LeBron James detractor. I’m not a fan of his histrionics. HOWEVER, make no mistake, the man is a once in a generation talent that FINALLY lived up to what he was expected to do when he came into the league in 2003. The Cleveland Cavaliers were a sorry franchise when he got there, going 17-65 the year before, and when he left, they had the worst record in the NBA for those four seasons and he came back with the number one pick at hand (they turned Andrew Wiggins into Kevin Love). Now they are champions. While I do believe that Kyrie Irving, who was the spark to Cleveland’s comeback since Game 3) should have gotten some “co-MVP” love (and many people have already asked for my press ID to be revoked for thinking that), there is no question that LeBron fulfilled his promise to Cleveland.

My sincere hope is that he finally settles down and finish his career with the Cavaliers. He’s achieved so much there and after all that, why would he consider leaving? He’s gone through the trials and tribulations of “The Decision” and it would look bad if he leaves again. That man won’t pay for another meal in the state of Ohio for as long as he lives and is the undeniable King of Cleveland. Winning there means way more than winning two with the Miami Heat, because it was expected he would with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. When it seemed like it was over, the man rose to the occasion and beat the powerful Golden State Warriors FAIR and SQUARE.

photo (2) Darío Vázquez, resident expert

LeBron James has a resumé that most athletes would die for. He is without a doubt one of the greatest players in league history and a once in a generation athlete and what he accomplished last night is the biggest accolade of his impressive career. Erasing a 3-1 deficit against the best regular season team in NBA history is something to brag about no matter how many rings, MVPs or records you have.

James returned to his hometown of Ohio with the mission to give the city a taste of victory in a major sport that it hasn’t seen since 1964. Many, myself included, believed they would have to wait a bit longer since the Warriors just rolled throughout the season and were able to overcome a 3-1 deficit of their own against the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals, had home court advantage and were the clear cut favorites. James and company had other plans and boy, did they deliver. He took a franchise who had the worst record in the league since he left to Miami and took it to a championship in two years. Yes, he won back to back titles in Miami but he had proven winners around him in the likes of Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen and Pat Riley. This time he has a young, extremely talented bad boy in Kyrie Irving but he didn’t know what it took to win until now.

People argue that this is the best team LeBron has ever had and I disagree. That 2013 Miami team was in my opinion his best and that fact is what makes this his biggest accomplishment. Nobody believed they would come back the way they did. He had the odds against him, had a team that wasn’t as good as the last one he won with, and faced a record breaking team. He played with heart, he led by example, and he snatched the trophy off the Warrior’s hands.This cements his legacy, delivered a promise that takes a huge weight off his shoulders and when we look at the list of the best to ever do it we can no longer make an argument he doesn’t belong in it.