13321787_10156856226920417_7100289238494286997_n Christian Fuentes, sports journalist for Metro Puerto Rico

The book in question is Gunslinger from the always sharp Jeff Pearlman, who has written seven sports books. It tells the life story of Brett Favre after a long research that included Pearlman having to interview 573 people from all walks of the former NFL quarterback’s life. NFL fans who lived through the career of the Green Bay Packers legend know plenty, but once they take a gander at Gunslinger, there will be details you didn’t know about the man.

The biography spans Favre’s childhood in Mississippi through his final season in the NFL in 2010 with the Minnesota Vikings. The investigation made by Pearlman was sensational and the stories told are riveting. Family members, teammates, childhood friends, and others formed part of the storytelling. It also goes in-depth of many of the situations he went through in his career: Lone season in Atlanta, stardom in Green Bay, winning/losing a Super Bowl, impending retirement, coming back after retiring, the Aaron Rodgers saga, and the infamous “sexting” scandal with Jenn Sterger. Also, many of his personal aspects like his relationship with his parents, drinking, drugs, partying, and keeping his family together sandwiched in between. The details of many of these things are sensational. Of course, Pearlman’s approach as a sportswriter is appealing to me, a typical non-reader, so if you’re an NFL/Favre fan,  you won’t put this book down. I know I couldn’t. While I did see Favre’s career from 2003 on, I loved learning more from a figure that was larger than life in the NFL and it was a name you’d hear even if you weren’t an NFL fan.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that Favre didn’t even speak for the writing of this book. But the 573 people Pearlman spoke to were great enough to get a good feel for who Brett Favre was. It’s a terrific journey into the NFL’s Iron Man from an author whose storytelling ability engages you from word one.

A must read.